Work with Allison….

My goal is to listen, meet you where you are at, set goals with you and help to make realistic changes that will improve your health.

We will focus concepts such as ways to improve digestion, ways to detoxify, ways to interpret what your body’s symptoms are trying to tell you, ways to increase nutrient density on your plate, and the importance of gut health in overall body wellness (hint: all disease begins in the gut).  We will also talk about lifestyle practices and uncover some of the habits that might be contributing to our poor health.

If you are looking for meal plans and recipes, I may not be the nutritionist for you.  I’m more inclined to discuss  important concepts and give you hand outs such as food charts, which will include foods to eat and ones to avoid.  Although many my suggestions could result in weight loss, I’m also not a specific weight loss coach if weight loss is more important than health.  My focus will be to improve overall body health and wellness. 

My goal is to listen, support and guide you along your health journey.  I am non-judgemental, empathetic and compassionate. If this sounds like a good fit, then I might just be the right practitioner for you!