I have had the pleasure of mapping out a health care plan with Allison for my special needs son. In the process, I realized that I too, could benefit from her guidance! Allison was referred by my medical doctor who recommended her for her unique background as both a pharmacist and a nutritionist. Allison is much more thorough. She is a rare practitioner who takes the time to really listen and engage with you as a partner in your journey to improved health.

Allison’s determination to work through her own health issues gives her the personal insight to be an even better coach. She balances her professionalism and knowledge with a caring, patient approach – and does so at your pace. I find her to be very intuitive – arriving at conclusions that make sense, way ahead of me!

As my son and I progress in our separate health journeys with Allison’s guidance, there is that feeling that she is really helping to re-shape our lives in a much broader way. I recommend her highly – she is a treat and can effect positive change in your life!

Elizabeth, Kelowna, BC


I would highly recommend Allison to anyone wanting to unlock the mystery of how diet, medications, supplements and lifestyle choices impact their overall health and well-being.  With her career as a pharmacist, Allison is acutely aware of the role conventional medication plays in healing from illness or injury but she also knows many other factors contribute to our overall health.  Her understanding of traditional medications combined with her training in holistic nutrition allows her to look at her clients through a broad lens. 

Allison is skilled at looking at you as a whole person as she tries to figure out what is working, what’s not and how you can move forward to make positive changes in your health.  Her approach is kind, professional and practical.  She is a wealth of knowledge and an active listener.  Allison works with you to establish a plan to help you discover what is negatively impacting your health and, in turn, what steps you can take towards optimal health. 

I found her to be very down to earth and approachable.  Her suggestions were practical, based on sound research and she was always understanding and accepting of my personal situation.  For years I have found myself on information overload as I try to solve the puzzle of my health challenges and overwhelmed with conflicting literature available from multiple “health experts” hyping their books and programs.  Working with Allison has eased my stress and helped me take a systematic and calmer approach towards healing.  If you find yourself also feeling frustrated and overwhelmed in your search for answers please consider working with Allison. 

Joanne, Vernon, BC


Allison is different than other nutritionists because of her pharmaceutical background. Skeptics of natural remedies and supplements should inquire with Allison for her well rounded understanding of options. I knew I wanted to stay within the natural realm of remedies, all the while needing strong support. I knew already about obvious sleep supplements but Allison took it further with Amino Acids (something I never associated with sleep), and lifestyle/attitude approaches. I learned that she also suffered from fatigue at times, and that her knowledge comes from experience. After meeting with Allison, I actually felt excited like a new page was turned. Have I been sleeping better? Yes I have. I’d highly recommend Allison.  

Kris, Vernon, BC


As a Nutritionist myself I am impressed by Allison’s ability to quickly and concisely connect the dots between how a person feels and what factors may be contributing to their health challenges. Her suggestions can be both simple and easy to implement, while at the same time garnering powerful results. She is someone who isn’t afraid to deep-dive into a subject or topic, skilfully evaluating and integrating ideas before she will recommend them. I respect that she isn’t easily swayed by trends, and will work with each person’s unique body in order to piece together a holistic approach to their health.

On top of all that, Allison is a kind and compassionate person, with ethics of the highest order. I would highly recommend you contact her if you are tired of chasing your symptoms and feeling overwhelmed by all of the information out there - let her break it down for you into bite-sized pieces. Who knows, you might even end up loving kale!

Emily, Vernon, BC


Due the onset of a very serious illness, I decided to seek additional help. I’d never heard of Holistic Nutrition before, but my research lead me to believe that a critical component to fighting my disease was diet. That decision led me to seek help because my knowledge in this area was extremely limited.

I didn’t just want to do online research. I wanted a novel approach and that led me to Allison. I signed up for her 3 visit package.

I was blown away by her knowledge and her passion. She put me on a complete new path with my diet. In addition she listened to what I needed and shared any additional information that I requested. I wish I had met Allison years ago because what we eat is a huge factor in our health.

If anyone is seeking a path to healthier living through nutrition, I’d highly recommend that you see Allison.

Doug H, Vernon, BC.

Without a doubt Allison is one of the most caring and generous people I know. I've known Allison for well over a decade, and can unreservedly recommend her. Her genuine interest and care is evident from the moment you meet her, and her extensive experience in both the allopathic and holistic ends of the health spectrum, makes her advice all the more credible and trustworthy. Many times in past years I have benefitted from her encouragement towards good health. A few years ago I was experiencing an allergic reaction to everything I ate! You can imagine how discouraging it would be to keep eliminating food out of my diet until all that was left was rice and water! Allison helped encourage me on the path toward gut healing and I am happy to report that I quickly regained the ability to enjoy all good food!

Thank you, Allison!

Audrey, Vernon, BC